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Global Executive Protection

Receive top-tier security anywhere you go. AASI, Public Safety in Chicago, Illinois, offers executive protection from a variety of threats.

International Awareness for Safety

In the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks, there is now an international awareness for personal safety for traveling corporate executives, international businessmen, the rich and famous, and even giant media institutions covering turmoil in hostile environments. The threats faced by professional protective personnel at home and overseas, are escalating almost daily in technological sophistication. Many agents of AASI's executive protection division have graduated from ESI, Executive Security International, which is the largest, and arguably, the best school for Executive Protection in the United States. Our executive protection division provides agents that are effective, intelligent, and trained in a series of job-related skills such as:

• Personal Protection
• Investigation Tactics
• Proficiency in Foreign Languages
• Intelligence Collection & Analysis
• Stalking 
• Dangerous Human Behavior
Body Guards - Executive Protection

By observing the recent international conflicts, our firm decided that our agents need to be proficient in foreign languages. The constant assaults on foreign journalists during their coverage of the arab spring revolutions  is a good example of the shortage of qualified protection agents, who should not only be trained to protect their clients, but also trained in foreign language proficiency and cultural sensitivity. Our firm employs protection agents from different nationalities with proficiency in a foreign language to provide our clients with the best protection overseas. These agents are trained to verbally diffuse and neutralize threats, as well as secure and evacuate clients from potentially dangerous situations, before they escalate to possible attacks. Some of the jobs that make up our International Travel Security service include:

• Travel Warnings
• Multilingual Protection Agents
• Translation Services
• Providing Crime Reports
• Understanding Foreign Currency
• Ensuring Entry Requirements Are Met
• Researching the Areas of Instability
• Providing Consulate Contacts
• U.S Embassy Services
• Understanding Disease Information
• Handling Extremist Groups
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